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Practice Policies


Attendance at all practices is strongly encouraged. However, we understand that summer family schedules will not allow swimmers to be at every practice. Please be aware that swimmers missing an excessive number of practices may not be able to swim all the events they desire to swim, simply because they’re unprepared.

Similarly, attendance at as many swim meets as possible is crucial. Swimmers build upon their times from week-to-week, and without regular practice and meet attendance this may not be possible, which will only lead to disappointment on behalf of your swimmer.

Parental Supervision 

You may drop your swimmer off during practice, but please return promptly because we cannot be responsible for the swimmers once their session is completed. Younger siblings, and any swimmer not in a lesson at practices must NOT play in or near the pool during the practice sessions—no playing on swimming pool steps or touching the water.

We know you are your child’s first coach and best motivator - and parent involvement is essential to the health of our team! During practices, however, our swimmers ALL need to be able to hear and see the coaches. So, if you need to talk to your child, please move them away from the pool so that other swimmers aren’t distracted.

At meets, parents need to be sure they know where their swimmers are, and that they are following the rules of the team and the pool. If our team members break pool rules, such as entering the water when not swimming in an event, our swimmers can be disqualified.

Pool Usage

Although Cricket Commons Cyclones is an open membership swim team, the Cricket Hill Swim and Racquet Club allows us to use the pool for practices and meets only. After swim team practice, the pool is reserved for members of the CSRC association and their guests. Being on the swim team does not provide access to the pool for free swimming during these times. If you are interested in joining the pool, contact Bryce Busby at

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